Sustainability Edition

Empowering packaging sustainability in the Asia Pacific and accelerating climate solutions for a sustainable future

About APAC Sustainability Edition


The Greenhouse Accelerator APAC Sustainability Edition is designed to help startups in APAC region markets develop and bring their ideas to market. The accelerator’s 10 selected finalists will come from a variety of markets across the APAC region and bring a diversity of new solutions for packaging sustainability and climate action. 

The Priorities


Our mission is to help build a more sustainable future by supporting startups that are working to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and mitigate the impacts of climate change. We believe that these areas are critical to the health of our planet and that innovative solutions from startups have the potential to make a real difference in the region.


We are looking for startups that are working to reduce the environmental impact of packaging in the APAC region, whether that be through developing more sustainable materials, improving recycling processes, finding new ways to reduce packaging waste, or supporting a circular economy.


We are looking for startups that are working to mitigate the impacts of climate change in the APAC region, whether that be through carbon capture and storage, renewable energy, or other innovative solutions.

APAC Process

How it


For this 7th Greenhouse Accelerator program, PepsiCo is seeking 10 companies from the APAC region that are accelerating environmental sustainability in the food and beverage industry and whose values are consistent with PepsiCo’s Sustainability vision.


Selected companies are guaranteed $20,000 USD in grant funding and will need to pitch their product/solution in person at the live event in Singapore. They will participate in a business optimization program designed to accelerate growth.


The program will feature a one-on-one mentorship program, giving entrepreneurs access to PepsiCo executives and business accelerator experts, whose expertise can help them overcome challenges in product development, supply chain, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, packaging, label claims, fundraising or other elements of their business.

Final Prize

At the end of the program, one winning company will be awarded an additional $100,000 USD in funding to continue its expansion, and an opportunity to continue partnering with PepsiCo to further their growth.



March 19


May 1


June 19

Program Launch Event - Singapore


Program Mid-point virtual event


Winner Announcement Event - Singapore



If you are a startup working in the fields of packaging sustainability or climate action in the APAC region, we encourage you to apply to our accelerator program.

Minimum Requirements

An external third party will review all submissions. Our selection committee will choose finalists based on the following criteria:


Sustainability Strategy

In 2021, PepsiCo announced a fundamental transformation of what we do and how we do it: from sourcing ingredients and making and selling our products in a more sustainable way, to leveraging our more than one billion connections with consumers each day to drive positive impact at scale, and engage people to make choices that are better for themselves and the planet. We call this pep+ (pep Positive).

As one of the world’s most respected food and beverage companies, PepsiCo aims to use their reach and influence to help change the way society operates across the food value chain.


PepsiCo’s sustainable packaging strategy is based on three
inter-connected pillars:
reduce, recycle, and reinvent. Through each of these pillars, PepsiCo strives to drive change through active partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and by supporting changemakers that are developing sustainable packaging and climate solutions.

Collaborate - Innovate - Accelerate