Sustainability Edition

Empowering environmental sustainability in the APAC region through collaboration and mentorship

Program Overview

The PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator: APAC Sustainability Edition is a pilot-oriented, mentorship-based program pairing innovative startups with PepsiCo executives, designed to help startups in the APAC region develop through business advisory and collaboration. Finalists will bring a diversity of new solutions focused on circular economy, sustainable agriculture, and climate action.

Meet our 2024 Finalists

AIIEV is revolutionizing transportation in Thailand. They empower businesses in Thailand to achieve sustainability and cost savings through a game-changing subscription model for electric conversions, extending the life of existing commercial vehicles.

Alternō is dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions across agriculture, industry, and residential heating sectors. Alternō is working to create Asia’s first low-cost thermal energy storage solution for renewable energy, to be deployed widely across the region by 2050.

Captivate Technology’s industrially-proven sponge-like adsorbent (MUF-16) captures carbon dioxide efficiently with a low energy penalty. sieving carbon dioxide from emission streams. Their game-changing  technology is bringing cost-effective carbon capture to market. 

CIRAC provides a breakthrough technology for recycling one of the most difficult to be recycled packaging waste, aluminum laminated plastic packaging. CIRAC’s technology recycles aluminumlaminated plastic into sustainable aluminum and heavy oil.

ELIoT is decarbonizing the food & beverage industry through cutting-edge energy-shifting devices that optimize green energy usage in point-of-sale cooling appliances. With their innovative plug’n’play batteries, ELIoT is revolutionizing the way energy is consumed in refrigeration systems. 

Grac provides affordable waste and recycling solutions for local governments and businesses seeking a smarter, sustainable alternative. Grac’s waste management model in Vietnam and developing countries helps reduce waste, separate waste at source, reduce GHG emissions and build a circular economy.

Mi Terro engineers bio-based, water-degradable, home compostable products to end microplastics and hunger at cheaper price than conventional plastic. Mi Terro is working to ensure there are no more fossil fuel derived materials in our daily products such as takeaway boxes, and more.

Takachar enables communities turn crop and forest residues into higher-value, carbon-negative bioproducts such as fertilizers, chemicals, and biofuels, preventing air pollution and carbon footprint associated with open-air biomass burning.

X-Centric is developing high performance soil testing instruments for accurate, precise and low-cost soil characterisation. Think about it like taking an “X-ray” of your soil to assess its health. X-Centric’s instrumentation, coupled with their mobile app and dashboard provide a fast one stop shop solution to your soil characterization needs.

Wildfire Energy is developing a revolutionary gasification technology for biomass and waste to energy applications. Wildfire has developed a novel, proprietary gasification process to enable cost effective conversion of low value biomass and waste feedstocks into high quality syngas for electricity generation and production of fuels and chemicals.

Program Benefits

What the Greenhouse Accelerator can offer you:


Guaranteed $20,000 USD grant for each finalist. Winner awarded an additional $100,000 USD


Expert guidance and learning modules across all aspects of business development and impact


Access and exposure to PepsiCo network and resources, industry experts, VCs and investors


Unlocking of potential pilot and partnership opportunities


Our 2023 cohort held 200+ meetings with PepsiCo mentors and business partners


Accelerated pathways to launch, scale, and grow your breakthrough innovations

Program Focus

Investing in startups that are working to advance the circular economy and sustainable agriculture, and mitigate the impacts of climate change—supporting a more sustainable future for all.

Circular Economy

Climate Action

Sustainable Agriculture

How It Works

The program will feature a one-on-one mentorship program, giving entrepreneurs access to PepsiCo executives and business accelerator experts, whose expertise can help them overcome challenges in product development, supply chain, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, packaging, label claims, fundraising or other elements of their business. Mentors will work closely with finalists to strengthen their fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) capabilities and provide unparalleled insights and resources.
Startups will participate in a pilot-oriented business optimization and capability development program designed to accelerate growth. The program will enable pilot exploration with PepsiCo partners, with the potential to unlock collaborations solving for circular economy, climate and sustainable agriculture challenges.
Selected companies are guaranteed $20,000 USD in grant funding and have the opportunity to pitch their product/solution to PepsiCo Executives, venture capitalists and investors at a live event in Bangkok.
Final Prize
At the end of the program, one winning company will be awarded an additional $100,000 USD in funding to continue its expansion, and an opportunity to continue partnering with PepsiCo to further their growth.

Program Timeline

We accepted applications for groundbreaking ideas!
Applications closed, and our teams meticulously reviewed all submissions, selected and notified finalists
Finalists presented their innovative ideas at an invite-only event in Thailand!
JANUARY 25, 2024
MARCH 18, 2024
MAY 8-9, 2024
JULY 2024
Finalists will receive exclusive access to learning modules and mentorship
Finalists will convene at a Midpoint Virtual Event halfway through the program
Final Event in Thailand - The moment we've all been waiting for! Esteemed judges will make the call, and the winning idea will receive a grand prize of $100,000 USD

Program Timeline

January 25, 2024
Applications open
January 25, 2024
March 18, 2024
Applications close
March 18, 2024
May 8-9, 2024
Launch Event - Bangkok, Thailand
May 8-9, 2024
May - September 2024
Learning modules and mentorship
May - September 2024
July 2024
Midpoint virtual event
July 2024
September 2024
Final event and winner announcement - Bangkok, Thailand
September 2024

The Collaborative Journey:
What to Expect

January to March 2024
Applications were received
• The application was open through March 18, 2024.
January to March 2024
April 2024
Mentor Pairings
• Every startup will be paired with 1-2 PepsiCo mentors who will provide invaluable guidance, resources and support throughout the program.
April 2024
May 2024
Launch Event, Bangkok, Thailand
At the Program Launch Event, startups had the opportunity to…

• Meet and connect with mentors in-person
• Hear from PepsiCo Executives and industry experts
• Engage in in-depth collaborative objective setting, and develop an Accelerator Action Plan outlining goals, objectives, and steps towards achieving them
• Present about their companies and innovative solution to PepsiCo mentors and Executives, VCs and Investors

… and launch their Greenhouse Accelerator journeys!
May 2024
July 2024
Program Midpoint Virtual Event
Halfway through the program, startups will attend a Midpoint Virtual Event to reflect on…

• Experiences and momentum built during the first half of the program
• Progress to goals and Accelerator Action Plans
• Collaboration with PepsiCo mentors and experts

…and discuss opportunities to continue sharing insights, driving growth, and learning together for the course of the program
July 2024
September 2024
Final Event and Winner Announcement, Bangkok, Thailand
At the Program Final Event…

• Each finalist will deliver a 5-minute pitch to judges about your innovative solution and acceleration resulting from the Greenhouse Accelerator program
• Esteemed external judges will determine and announce the winner of the $100,000 USD grand prize
September 2024
Learning Modules
• Learning Modules bring in industry and PepsiCo experts who can offer unparalleled insights into working with Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) and valuable training in a variety of business development topics, such as Ventures, Sales & Marketing, Expert Pitch Advice, Commercialization and Channel Strategies, Sustainability Landscapes, Building a Team for the Future, and more.
• These modules will be tailored to the needs and objectives of the 10 finalists participating in the 2024 program.
Business development experts can help identify market, partnership, and pilot opportunities to accelerate growth.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are a startup working in the fields of precision agriculture technology, circular economy, or climate action in the APAC region, we encourage you to apply to our accelerator program.


An external third party will review all submissions. Our selection committee will choose finalists based on the following criteria:

Our Partners

PepsiCo is proud to partner with Circulate Capital, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage Vietnam,  Suntory Pepsico Beverage Thailand and NIA on the 2024 PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator – APAC Sustainability Edition.

Our Yield

Our 2023 Greenhouse Program brought together 10 outstanding innovators across the APAC region resulting in incredible growth and collaboration:

in sales growth
$ 0
growth in 6 months
0 %
pilots started in 2023 across PepsiCo network
working sessions held with PepsiCo mentors and experts

Hear from our
2023 Finalists

APAC 2023 Highlights

PepsiCo's Sustainability Strategy

Learn More About PepsiCo’s Sustainability Commitments And Pep+ Strategy Here

In 2021, PepsiCo announced a fundamental transformation of what we do and how we do it: from sourcing ingredients and making and selling our products in a more sustainable way, to leveraging our more than one billion connections with consumers each day to drive positive impact at scale, and engage people to make choices that are better for themselves and the planet. We call this pep+ (pep Positive).

As one of the world’s most respected food and beverage companies, PepsiCo aims to use their reach and influence to help change the way society operates across the food value chain.

PepsiCo’s sustainable packaging strategy is based on three inter-connected pillars: reduce, recycle, and reinvent. Through each of these pillars, PepsiCo strives to drive change through active partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and by supporting changemakers that are developing sustainable agriculture, circular economy and climate solutions.


Meet The Team

The PepsiCo-led program is supported by Atomic Brand Lab and DevGlobal


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