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The Greenhouse Accelerator: APAC Sustainability Edition is designed to help startups in APAC region markets develop and bring their ideas to market. The 2023 accelerator’s 10 selected finalists came from a variety of markets across the APAC region and brought a diversity of new solutions for circular economy, packaging sustainability, and climate action.

The 2023 Cohort

In 2023, 10 outstanding innovators across the APAC region were selected to be finalists in the inaugural Greenhouse Accelerator: APAC Sustainability Edition.



Enwise empowers zero carbon factories with quick and visible impact by providing its own bioenergy technology and data solution. Enwise builds and operates OSCAR, a high-efficiency dry anaeerobic digester to produce renewable and clean energy for its customers.


Adiona's powerful last-mile delivery route planning and optimisation SaaS products have powered over 25 million sustainable global deliveries, preventing the emission of almost 7 megatonnes CO2 equivalent versus traditional technologies.

HRK Group

HRK Group is fighting plastic pollution from the source. They have the first waterproof paper food packaging that is 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and has excellent barrier properties.


REMAKEHUB provides creative and impactfull recycling solutions-promoting resource reuse and transforming waste into the new generational lifestyle productsthrough high-tech innovative material and sustainable design.


Muuse provides a track and trace technology platform that offers reusable packaging as a service to replace and reduce single use takeaway packaging waste.

Aspiring Materials

Aspiring Materials is building a low-carbon future by providing a variety of solutions and products to reduce and sequester carbon dioxide emissions. With years of engineering and geoscience experience, Aspiring materials are working to biuld a low carbon future.


Green2get's digital platform and application promotes the circular economy by connecting stakeholders in the recycling value chain, facilitating efficient trading of materials, and encouraging sustainable recycling behavior modification.

MEDS Venture

MEDS' DECAPLAN tool is the only digital platform in the world that allows end-to-end multi-energy and multi-objective optimization and decarbonization of industrial sites.

TURN Systems

TURN is the world's leading reusable cup system for events and businesses. TURN gamifies reuse and uses smart technology to rid the planet of single-use plastics

Powered Carbon

Driven by green electric power from solar, wind and hydro-powered stations. Powered Carbon uses electrochemistry and synthetic biology to transfer carbon dioxide from industrial exhaust gas into valued chemicals, which can be use as raw materials for products.

The Journey

At the June program launch in Singapore, we...

Each startup was paired with PepsiCo mentors...

Our curriculum of Learning Modules offered expert insights into critical topics such as...

At the Final Event in October 2023 in Singapore…

Our final $100K winner was announced...

“We are beyond thrilled to have been selected as the winner of the inaugural APAC Greenhouse AcceleratorProgram by PepsiCo and are very grateful for this recognition. PepsiCo’s financial support and invaluable mentorship….has helped build our confidence to grow the business at a scale we couldn’t have envisioned before the program. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with PepsiCo where we can tap on our technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
Dr. Lin Xia, CEO, Powered Carbon 


We are thrilled to see the progress of the pilots that were launched... 

Powered Carbon

SOLUTION: Powered Carbon is changing the game in CO2 emission reduction by creating fertilizer components from renewable electricity.

PILOT: Powered Carbon partnered with PepsiCo's agriculture team to test out their innovative fertilizer at our farm in North China.

HRK Group

SOLUTION: HRK Group is working against plastic pollution by developing waterproof paper food packaging that is 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

PILOT: Together with PepsiCo, the team is exploring secondary packaging solutions in our Vietnam plant.


SOLUTION: Adiona's SaaS solution focuses on last-mile delivery-route planning and optimization, based on real-time data.

PILOT: Adiona's collaboration with PepsiCo Australia leveraged their SaaS platform to significantly enhance route efficiency, culminating in a data pilot at the Tingalpa plant, with the purpose of reducing CO2 emissions.


SOLUTION: REMAKEHUB provides creative and impactful recycling solutions—promoting resource reuse and transforming waste into new generational lifestyle products through high-tech innovative material and sustainable design.

PILOT: Their upcycling process transforms plastic waste into sustainable packaging alternatives, launching a pilot that merges waste reduction with cost savings in retail packaging in China, as well as working on potential opportunities in Thailand.


SOLUTION: Green2Get offers a digital platform that promotes a circular economy by connecting people to recycling options.

PILOT: Enhancing recycling efforts in Thailand, they've connected consumers with recycling opportunities to increase plastic collection rates and promote the principles of a circular economy. This initiative included running a successful consumer campaign with Lay's Thailand.

And look forward to seeing the continued success of our Greenhouse alumni!

Past Program Press

During the 2023 program, over 200 media articles about the APAC Greenhouse Accelerator were generated across the region, as well as 3.1 million impressions on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


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