Al Tabeeah: Founder & CEO of Al Tabeeah shares their story

The intellectual capital and the support that PepsiCo has offered us, has helped us overcome many obstacles and fast-track our growth & recognition. With our unconventional ideas, we hope to instill a mindset of sustainable living that influences your daily decisions”.

I recall the onset of the pandemic and how it changed everything overnight – our daily routines, the way we do business and the way we look at life. With some challenges, it also gave us time to reflect and broaden our perspective. Personally, I became conscious of the amount of waste we were generating at home. As I began to delve deeper into it, my questioning spilled into work as well. I was then working for a renowned world record management company, and I started noticing the things we took for granted and wanted to do more to create a healthier planet. I thought to myself, that the pandemic will phase out eventually, but that the planet needed help. 

That is when Al Tabee’ah was born. 

We faced several teething problems, but never gave up on the passion. As restrictions eased and businesses started to recover, we did get some buy-in from people. It was around this time that we came across PepsiCo’s Greenhouse Accelerator program. We thought to ourselves, the opportunity to be mentored by the leaders in the food and beverage industry, was second to none.

We were over the moon when we were shortlisted as one of the top 10 sustainable businesses in the MENA region. For us, it has been an incredible journey. From being a part of the Pepsico Greenhouse Acceleration program to the STEP conference and meeting like-minded people, we’ve discovered that there are many working towards a common goal. PepsiCo’s association with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment for this program, is also a testament to the collaborative culture that drives innovation and helps build a circular economy. The intellectual capital and the access to resources that PepsiCo has offered us has helped us overcome many obstacles in the supply chain, structure our product offering, set milestones and fast-track our growth and recognition. 

We want to start by supplying compostable and biodegradable food packaging, and eventually scale the model to build a manufacturing unit to cater to the needs of more industries at affordable prices. We want to start by launching a composting unit in the UAE in line with the country’s circular economy vision and sustainability goals. 

The future we see can become a reality as more people, industries, and communities move towards making thoughtful decisions and choices, decisions rooted in knowing how something is created, used, and where it ends up after its initial use. Widespread change doesn’t come from one person enforcing colossal revolutions, but from billions of people supporting small ones. We hope to instil a mindset of sustainable living that influences your daily decisions. 

Shaifali Mishra

Founder & CEO

Al Tabeeah Biodegradable & compostable Products Trading LLC



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